Trends in kitchen countertops

29 September 2015

The Alvic Group is a leader in the market. This leading position has been possible thanks to its capacity for innovation that has enabled the group to consolidate their presence in both domestic and international markets. Today the Group exports 60% of its sales to more than 70 countries.

If there is something Alvic Group stands out for is undoubtedly its passion for innovation. Since its founding in 1972, the Group has experienced significant industrial, technological and commercial development. It has several plants located in Alcaudete, la Carolina (Jaén) and Vic (Barcelona) that make up a modern industrial complex of more than 150,000 square meters for the production of components for kitchen furniture, bathroom or office and home. Also, it features more than 400 clients with its own distribution network of 25 stores (Alvic Center). Alvic has a wide range of tops with a variety of designs and top quality finishes.

We talked to Carlos Rosales, head of marketing and product from Alvic Group regarding market trends and the different developments of the firm.

“The kitchen furniture industry has not remained oblivious to the social concern for environmental sustainability”

When it comes to changing the home counter you think twice. It is a very important decision, not only because it marks the design of the kitchen in the coming years, but because you must also choose the material that best suits your needs.

Rosales was asked what trends are driving the new designs in kitchen countertops. According to him, marketing, trends, both for kitchen countertops as well as for bathrooms, go from “rustic woods with synchronized pore surfaces natural finishes, through cements and oxidized metals imitations and natural stones“.

Talking about trends means knowing in advance what the consumer preferences are and that means they may vary from one moment to the other. Asked about what the trends lifespans are within this sector, Rosales says that the period is long. “Overall the designs and finishes that are successful and rooted in consumer tastes last beyond a mere fashion concept and remain in effect for years.”

Always innovating

As we discussed above, if there is something that distinguishes Alvic is its ability to innovate. That is why we constantly launch new products to meet customer needs. The latest release as far as countertops are concerned is the model R3.

Supra. The working range for flat R3 Supra comes in two formats: Post forming radius of 3mm and double edge with 1.5 mm edge, applied with PUR glue. It is manufactured in two widths: 28 and 38 cm. As coating we use laminated decorations with different designs and textures that are applied on moisture resistant chipboard. Rosales also notes that it “incorporates water pourers and the plane is completely protected against moisture by incorporating waxed Kraft paper on the back side and a melamine side edge of 0.4mm and sealing glue at the back profile.”.

Asked what aspects are currently considered the best by consumers when buying a countertop, Rosales is very clear; “Brand awareness, design, durability and price” And what about materials? “The decorative laminate in its different textures, quartz surfaces, compact surfaces and natural stone are the materials most commonly placed on work surfaces. Their level of use varies according to the preferences and habits of each market” asserts.

Countertops in the future

The world of countertops has evolved over the years. The materials are stronger, there is more importance placed on the design, the user needs … But How will the future countertops be for Alvi? The marketing manager believes that in the future more resistant materials will be used, which will allow for better physical-mechanical behaviour. He also believes that “all surfaces will have antibacterial treatments. And, in my opinion, integration will be essential in the kitchen, pursuing a higher level of design, ergonomics and functionality.”

According to Rosales, the future countertop will seek integration in the kitchen, striving for a higher level of design, ergonomics and functionality.

Encimera de cocina

The kitchen has evolved from a mere functional space to a room where much time is spent. Integration and uniformity in this space are becoming referents in the design, something that Alvic considers very important. “It is becoming a trend, especially when used in decorative laminating, to apply the same design to the top and low furniture fronts, so that the counter is integrated,” he says. Although Rosales notes that in his opinion “it is premature to think that this trend will become a model for the future“.