The trends that will rule Home Design in 2023

18 January 2023

How will homes be in 2023? More than ever, spaces will be driven by more sustainable, warmer and colourful designs. The kitchen or the living room will become bolder and more optimistic spaces and will combine designs in wood, stone and touches of colour to create balanced environments.

That is why, for 2023, ALVIC proposes five new collections that are designed to play a “mix and match” of infinite possibilities and combine the kitchen and home trends that we will see in the coming months. Optimistic designs to awaken creativity, natural textures that transmit emotions and surprising finishes that present almost infinite combinations in its Luxe -high gloss lacquered surface-, Zénit -super matt lacquered surface- and Syncron -textured surface- technologies.

Take note, pastel tones will set the trend combined with different stone and wood designs that will allow you to continue reconnecting with the countryside and nature.

A touch of colour with trendy finishes

Don’t be afraid to be bold, in 2023 connect with energy by betting on colour. Say goodbye to white to welcome vibrant and energetic colours. The Avantgarde and Dynamic collections by ALVIC are a clear example of trendy designs to get the perfect look for your kitchen or space: eight luminous tones containing the most daring palettes such as Ice Lemon, Raso or Blue Fresco that bring a dose of vitamin, energy and creativity to any environment and are ideal for creating spaces with their own style.
In addition, its canaletto effect in Syncron technology is perfect for bringing balance to furniture and creating harmonious and strikingly modern spaces.

Play “mix and match” by combining textures with stones

Beyond colourful designs or wood, choose a third element to create harmony in your room. Add a touch of elegance with stone designs that bring versatility, design and modernity to your room. Be inspired by ALVIC’s Stratos collection, comprising the Nuvola series, which emulates the beauty and elegance of onyx, and the Sierra, Bernini and Siena designs, inspired by the delicacy of marble. Try them as doors, or as wall cladding.

Natural essence with timeless woods

If, on the other hand, you need a more relaxed and natural atmosphere, use wood designs to give a comforting touch to your kitchen or living room. In this sense, ALVIC proposes the Atempo collection, composed of timeless woods that emulate the grandeur of walnut and the naturalness of oak.
Its Velázquez and Picasso designs, available in three shades and in Zénit supermatt, Luxe high gloss or Syncron textured finish, celebrate the beauty of nature, and provide calm, naturalness and well-being to any furniture or interior project.

Coloured woods

Wood is reinventing itself and is presented in new colours, shapes and finishes. Little by little, the light and natural wood, typical of the Nordic style, is giving way to more striking woods that bring a modern touch to the home.
An example of this are the designs of the new Minerva collection by ALVIC, made up of seven trendy designs characterised by a natural and contemporary grain. Vitamine, Ice Lemon, Vulcano, Polar White, Blue Fresco, Black and Satin represent the broad cathedrals of elm wood. They are perfect for combining with solid, metallic and pastel designs. Applied on kitchen doors or cabinets.