Small and Modern Bathrooms: Ideas and Tips

15 July 2020

Small spaces can be cosy and welcoming, but they also have less space for storage and practicalities. From Alvic, we would like to give you four ideas and practical tips to get the most out of every millimetre of your bathroom with the best coverings, doors and furniture.

Space saving furniture

Looking for more room in a small space is a challenge. Choosing a covering with integrated storage is always a good option when it comes to storing bathroom essentials. If you extend the washbasin cabinet along the entire wall, you’ll recover even more storage space.

Mirror cabinets

You’ve probably seen many movies with a cabinet hidden behind the bathroom mirror. Well, that dream can come true, creating the perfect place to store your bathroom things. Although the standard measurement is no more than 10 centimetres deep, it can be perfect for all sorts of hygiene and beauty products.

Light and bright colours

Light colours bring light to the bathroom. The feeling of spaciousness is extremely important in a small space. The neutrality of white tones accentuates lines in the space, giving a perception of spaciousness.


Glass elements

With a simple glass door or screen, your bathroom can maintain the sensation of an open space. The spaciousness offered by the glass allows you to illuminate the whole space while creating distinct zones.

At Alvic, we have the very best finishes for small bathrooms and can give you the best advice for available space. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you decide to renew your bathroom with any of our ideas. You will be amazed at how we can help you renew your small bathroom!