Ideas for creating your ideal dressing room

12 June 2020

Having a dressing room in your own home is no longer a luxury. A dressing room is a room dedicated exclusively to your wardrobe, or a dedicated space within your bedroom. A practical idea for keeping your clothes and accessories tidy at all times.

At Alvic Center, we will surprise you with our variety of wardrobes ideal for all your needs.


Wardrobes must always be versatile, and must be manufactured to the highest quality standards. At Alvic Center, we research the possibilities of your home, and advise you on the best option for creating a dressing room. We have wardrobes in wood and numerous gloss and matte shades.

In order to choose how to dress for the day at a glance, the ideal solution is a wardrobe with no doors. If you prefer to have doors, sliding doors are the best, to make the most of space in the room or chosen area of your bedroom.

This comfortable wardrobe in white and wood tones has ample space for your clothes and accessories. It also includes a variety of drawers. A modern wardrobe with the option of a Luxe finish, a shiny surface that brings a sensation of spaciousness to your room.

A wooden wardrobe will bring a more natural touch to your home. These cabinets are impact resistant and extremely durable, perfect for those with busy lives.

At Alvic Center, we are specialists in all kinds of cabinets, and offer a wide range of wardrobes. Consult with our team about the different possibilities for your home space and the alternatives and finishes that we can offer you.

Why not create a dressing room in your home? It will change your life for the better.

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