ALVIC opens Hermosilla 77

3 February 2021

ALVIC opens Hermosilla 77, its new innovation and design showroom that will be participating in the Madrid Design Festival

  • The leader in innovation, manufacturing and distribution of components for the furniture and decoration industry, is committed to the creation of a surprising and unique space, which aims to become an icon for the Contract world and the ALVIC brand.
  • Madrid Design Festival’s fourth edition will begin in February and will be responsible for making visible the richness of the creative fabric of the city and the national territory, highlighting the value of design as a transformative element of society, an event that Alvic could not miss and show its most innovative side.

Madrid, February 11th . ALVIC is once again committed to innovation and design, creating a conceptual space together with architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez, who has built a unique, daring and creative showroom in the heart of the Salamanca district. The architect has been inspired by great figures of art and culture such as the extraordinary artist Xavier Corberó and the enigmatic painter Giorgio de Chirico for the creation of this iconic space.

The official opening of Hermosilla 77 will be on February 8, 2021, followed by an inaugural event on February 15 starring Héctor Ruiz Velázquez himself in which he will detail the conceptualization of the space and the use of ALVIC materials to achieve effects of depth and perspective playing with the unique reflection of LUXE Plus, the brand’s exclusive material. The space will be a place of encounter, inspiration, worship, work and cooperation for design and architecture professionals.

Innovation space developed by ALVIC for professionals in the sector.

In the words of Fernando Quijano Puech, ALVIC’s Transformation Director, “Hermosilla 77 makes a dream come true for the Alvic Group, by creating a space for inspiration and innovation where architects, designers, artists and design lovers can meet and learn about the richness and versatility of our materials and technologies, to create unique projects”.

For his part, Hector Ruiz Velázquez points out “The challenge of the Alvic space consists of the constructive and plastic play of volumes and planes, highlighting the magnificent qualities of the material and offering an artistic vision of architecture”.

Alvic Showroom Madrid / Hermosilla
Calle Hermosilla 77, 28001, Madrid
680 828 259