Alvic group launches new configurator

28 September 2015

The configurator is an on/off line application that allows users to make multiple combinations with different designs and colours for kitchen, bathroom, office, interior design and decoration projects.The Alvic Group presents a novel application that allows customers to easily and intuitively combine designs, fantasies and colours in various projects designed “ad hoc”. With this tool and through the website of the group, the user can choose the colour of the countertop or kitchen doors, the combination of colours for the different elements of the bath or visualise how the walls at the office would look using coating panels from the LUXE collection by Alvic

The new configurator, developed exclusively for Alvic Group, includes the collections of the Group’s main product lines such as the decorative panel LUXE by Alvic, PANEL Syncron, R3Supra Countertop or Poliforming.