ALVIC Group joins the campaign “FSC® Forest Week 2022” to help and raise awareness of the importance of protecting forests and all life they support.

The company is FSC certified, indicating that its products come from certified forest stewardship processes, which ensure the protection of forests, people and markets to generate sustainable products today and for future generations.

23 September 2022

This year, from 24th to 30th September, ALVIC Group, a company specialised in the manufacture of panels and components for kitchen, bathroom, office and home furnishings, joins in to participate in the FSC Forest Week campaign. The campaign highlights the value of forests and how choosing sustainably sourced products can help create strong forests for the future.

The theme of this year’s campaign is Choose forests. Choose FSC®. By choosing FSC certified products, we are helping to protect forests and all the life they support. Forests play a key role in combating climate change and supporting biodiversity. Many products and everyday needs come from forests. Therefore, FSC promotes sustainable forest management so that forests and people can prosper.

In this way, ALVIC Group is proud to support the sustainable management of the world’s forests by achieving FSC certification. Its boards are composed of wood fibre or wood particles that come from certified forest stewardship processes, as well as recycled material. In addition, its manufacturing process focuses on creating new and improved products that are more resistant to ageing and daily use, thus increasing their lifespan and therefore reducing their environmental impact. “For our company, sustainable development is more than just a priority, it is an essential part of our values,” they say. 

During FSC Forest Week, the ALVIC Group will celebrate our commitment to forests and encourage our customers to be forest stewards themselves and to choose FSC products. “Our commitment to the environment is endorsed by international certificates such as FSC, which show that we only use raw materials certified in the chain of custody of forest products from sustainably managed forests, as well as industrial processes that comply with environmental protection laws,” conclude the ALVIC Group.

At the same time, as part of its commitment to the environment, the ALVIC Group is also committed to recycling and the circular economy of materials derived from its activity. Almost 90% of non-hazardous waste, including sawdust, cardboard, plastic, wood and general waste, is segregated and recycled or used in other processes. In addition, its objectives include reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2025.

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