Grupo ALVIC participates for the second year in the FSC Forest Week FSC®

22 September 2023

This month, from 23rd to 29th September, Grupo ALVIC participates for the second consecutive year in the FSC Forest Week, a campaign that takes place under the slogan “Trust the tree“. The aim is to convey the importance to professionals and consumers of choosing FSC-certified products, as a way to actively contribute to the fight to protect forests and biodiversity.

The company has been FSC certified since 2013, indicating that its products come from certified forest stewardship processes, which ensure the protection of forests, people and markets to generate sustainable products today and for future generations.

At the heart of ALVIC’s products is wood, a precious natural resource, which is why they only work with chain of custody certified raw materials from sustainably managed forests. To ensure this, their raw material is guaranteed by international certificates such as FSC, Forest Stewardship Council, or certificates such as PEFC, and ISO 14001.

Find out more about the certificates the group works with and its commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable decorative surfaces

ALVIC has more than 250 designs and finishes in its sustainable wood panels designed to create unique and ecological spaces, and to provide creative solutions in home decoration. All its panels in Luxe -high gloss lacquered-, Zenit -supermatt lacquered- and Syncron -textured- are composed of wood fibre or particles that come from certified forest stewardship processes, as well as recycled material, and are 100% recyclable.

In addition, its manufacturing process is focused on creating new and improved products that are more resistant to the passage of time and daily use, so as to increase their useful life and, therefore, reduce their environmental impact.