Grupo ALVIC successfully passes the ORP Audit process carried out with Prevycontrol

14 July 2022

Grupo ALVIC has submitted its Occupational Risk Prevention Management Systems to a Legal Audit. For the first time and successfully passed, this audit has been carried out by the nationally accredited entity Prevycontrol.  The main objective of this audit was to promote the continuous improvement of the group’s management in terms of occupational risk prevention.

Grupo ALVIC has established, as an organisational means of occupational risk prevention, its own prevention service that operates globally in the company’s centres in Spain and relies on external prevention services for certain preventive activities.

After a representative sampling, in person and in documents, of the Grupo ALVIC‘s activity in the field of occupational risk prevention and in the whole of the company’s activity, Prevycontrol has been able to confirm the growing level of implementation and integration of the systems in the field of prevention as well as the awareness in this regard at all levels of the organisation.

The certification process includes an exhaustive examination of the effectiveness of the management measures implemented. In the words of the Grupo ALVIC‘s Occupational Risks Manager, Fernando Alejandre: “The good work of the entire staff, together with the implementation of new measures in the field of ORP, have made it possible for the overall result of the audit, carried out for the first time, to be a success. For Grupo ALVIC, people are the most important thing, working to protect the health and safety of workers is a priority for the company”.

Grupo ALVIC manufactures and distributes wooden furniture at an international level and occupies a leading position in its sector of activity. In Spain, it employs approximately 950 people in a total of 6 manufacturing plants and 41 commercial establishments supporting wood professionals.

On the other hand, Prevycontrol is a pioneering entity in this field, as it is one of the first companies definitively authorised in our country, in 1999, to carry out Legal Auditing of the Occupational Risk Prevention Management System.