Alvic Group acquires Stratagem, a leading French worktop manufacturer

11 July 2022

Grupo Alvic, a global benchmark in the manufacture and distribution of components for the furniture and decoration industry, continues to invest in innovation with the acquisition of the French firm Stratagem, one of the leading companies in the production of made-to-measure Compact and HPL worktops and doors in Batch 1. This decision represents a further step in Grupo Alvic’s commitment to internationalisation, improving its knowledge and experience, as well as its customer service, while expanding the range of products available.

This operation is the result of the Alvic Group’s strategy to invest in selected international markets, in particular in France, where it has already announced the expansion of its Alvic Centers, a network of its own shops for professionals. Stratagem will enable the Alvic Group to strengthen its offer of high quality bespoke worktops in France and Spain in the first instance, before expanding the service to other markets.

Through this business move, synergies will be created between the two companies, taking advantage of the technological, production and service advances of both, exchanging best practices and processes of operational excellence. In addition, the union of both manufacturers will further improve their ability to adapt to take on all types of orders without neglecting their strict quality controls.

“At Alvic we are always looking to improve in order to offer the best to our customers, without neglecting sustainability. Stratagem follows our same philosophy and complements us, so we are excited to be able to work hand in hand with leading professionals in the sector in their country who share our same values. We are confident that it will help keep Alvic at the forefront of the furniture and decoration industry. We welcome all Stratagem employees to Grupo Alvic, we are very excited to start working together,” explains Javier Rosales, CEO of Grupo Alvic.

Stratagem is a company founded in 1987 in Bozouls, in the Occitania region, specialising in the production and distribution of high quality bespoke worktops and doors. In 2021, it generated €14 million in revenue and has around a hundred employees and a 10,000 square metre production site.