ALVIC success in Mebel fair in Moscow

4 January 2016

MEBEL is an important event in the furniture industry and decoration that is celebrated in Russia as, being more international than othersimilar fairs. MEBEL attracts visitors from the Moscow region and the rest of the country, republics and neighboring countries. It is a well established showthat in the last edition brought together 1,200 exhibitors, of which 48 percent were international, in an exhibition area of 75.500 meters attracted over 60,000 visitors. It is also fundamental to publicize the furniture industry among Russian professional appointment.To do this, ALVIC has had a stand of 60 m2 which has served to promote their products in the market-star range of lacquered “LUXE” and synchronized melamine “SYNCRON”, it has also presented the Russian version of Configurator Luxe, conceived as a tool for online promotion of Alvic habitat and decoration products.This participation demonstrates once again the enormous interest that the Russian market represents for GRUPO ALVIC. Despite the unfavorable international economic situation in general and for Russia in particular, and according to the latest data available from November 2015, Russia is maintaining its position as fourth export market for furniture ALVIC, with a turnover of around 5 million euros. In this regard, it stresses the fact that the Russian consumer affluent show a growing tendency to acquire foreign products and especially high quality, so the demand for luxury furniture remains important. In addition, there is a considerable market segment for mid furniture due to the construction of new buildings for private use, especially offices in the greater Moscow area. ALVIC success in MEBEL results in the high number of projects and installations carried out in the Russian market with the range of lacquered Luxe.The furniture with lacquered doors LUXE by ALVIC is present in buildings such such as Moscow City Coucil, The Atomic Energy Ministry, the Russian Government Reception or the Kremlin offices, among others, in addition to other projects in homes and private offices.This success has been extended to other large Russian cities away from the capital and St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Ekaterinburgunnamedunnamed3