ALVIC promotes design and education

31 May 2021

“ALVIC promotes design and education by collaborating with IADE at the Madrid Hotel Business Association stand at Fitur 2021.”

This year Fitur has been a boost for tourism, the industry most strangled by the pandemic of Covid-19.

ALVIC has been present as an official sponsor of the stand of the Madrid Hotel Business Association, which has received the award for “Best Stand” at Fitur 2021, for its innovative and sustainable design.

The award-winning space was designed by students from the IADE Design School, who used ALVIC surfaces for its creation.

The 10D24 stand is delimited by four suitcases that symbolize the most representative spaces of a hotel, taking them out of context and recreating the experiences of their stays in Madrid.

One of the challenges of the IADE students for the generation of this space has been using 100% reusable materials looking for sustainable design to prioritize the whole concept of the “Out of the box” project. After a pandemic during which the hotel sector has been preparing to adapt to the new times and the new needs of customers, improving all its services and offering personalized experiences with high standards of quality, safety and hygiene.

Thus, they have represented the gym, which is defined with Alvic’s Curry design and symbolizes a walk through the gardens and spaces around the Royal Palace; a bathroom, defined with the new Sage Green color inspired by natural environments through a walk through the heart of the Retiro Park; a bedroom, in Red, which invites us to go shopping in the streets of Madrid; and a bar, which, represented by the new Navy Blue takes us to discover the leisure of the capital.