ALVIC participates in AWFS

29 July 2021

“ALVIC participates in AWFS®, the largest wood and furniture supplier trade show in the U.S.”

  • ALVIC, leader in innovation, manufacturing and distribution of components for the furniture and decoration industry participates once again in AWFS in Las Vegas.
  • The architect Héctor Ruiz Velazquez has been in charge of shaping the ALVIC booth using one of its star products, Alvic’s Luxe®.

Madrid, July 28th, 2021.

ALVIC is once again committed to innovation and design by creating a unique stand together with architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez. The Organic Black Lounge is a sensory space that multiplies the vision and sensations through the play of reflections of the wall and floor surfaces.

The AWFS® trade show brings together the entire furniture industry, including manufacturers and distributors of machinery, hardware, plastics, lumber, building materials and other suppliers to custom furniture, cabinet and woodworking manufacturers, which this year took place in Las Vegas, Nevada from July 20-23.

The 1,900 sq. ft. exhibition space developed for ALVIC USA by the studio of architect Héctor Ruiz is creating quite a stir at AWFS® Fair. Three curved walls generate an organic shape that directs visitors from the outside world of the exhibit hall into the core of the ALVIC brand. Alternating between solid panels and empty space intensifies the sense of depth and layers created by the walls.

The futuristic feeling is enhanced by the mirror-gloss surface of ALVIC Luxe®. And while the construction itself evokes the strength and quality of ALVIC products, they are intentionally shown in abstraction rather than application to keep visitors’ minds open to all the possibilities ALVIC panels offer manufacturers.

Overall, the booth delivers a uniquely enveloping atmosphere, and an experience of the product visitors won’t soon forget.