ALVIC Group, through its affiliate ALVIC USA, presents its latest novelties at the IWF in Atlanta

The Spanish company, through its affiliate ALVIC USA, has presented its new collections of designs, door models and the opening of its new showroom in Florida, "Peninsula Creator Lounge".

5 September 2022

ALVIC Group, a company specialised in the production of kitchen, bathroom, office and home furniture and components, has been represented, through its affiliate ALVIC USA, at the AWFS fair in Atlanta, USA. This fair, which is held every two years and alternates its editions with the IWF fair in Las Vegas, is the most important event for professionals in the sector in the centre of the country and on the East Coast, as well as receiving visitors from the rest of the country and even from nearby markets such as Canada, Mexico and Guatemala.

The company has once again opted for innovation and design by creating a unique booth together with the architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez, “Organic Black Lounge“. It is a unique exhibition space that multiplies the vision and sensations through three curved walls and the play of reflections of the wall and floor surfaces. The booth, designed with one of the company’s star technologies, LUXE, forms a spatial experience through corridors delimited by discontinuous walls.

During the fair, the ALVIC Group presented its latest novelties in Luxe (high gloss), Zénit (supermatt) and Syncron (textured) finishes, such as its new Pigments, Croma and Crossmetal collections. Likewise, the different types of doors have occupied a special place. The models Corfu, Quadro, Finger-Pull and doors with integrated handles were presented as an option for acquiring different types of cut-to-sized pieces, with a production time of just one week.

The company reports a very positive balance of its participation in this international event, having received a large number of visitors. In this sense, ALVIC Group has shown the great commitment that the firm maintains with the American market, where the company has a subsidiary. The ALVIC USA plant, located in Lakeland, is dedicated to the manufacture of cut-to-sized pieces, distribution of panels and other components for all types of furniture and interior design and decoration projects.

In addition, the company will open in the next few months a new showroom, “Peninsula Creator Lounge“, in Tampa (Florida), designed by Ruiz Velázquez, which aims to become a creative space for architects and designers where they can find a wide range of products and technologies to carry out any type of decoration project.